The holiday outfits – not a heel in sight!

I physically despise very little in life….it’s not worth the effort, time or energy required. And besides we are all just too busy to invest in needless frustrations, aren’t we?

However I do reserve the right to despise packing. Almost as much as I loathe unpacking……but at least with packing you get to do so with anticipation, high hopes & the promise of long, hot summer evenings spent by the BBQ or the pool. The only promises  made by unpacking are that a) you are now broke from the overspend, b) you are now at least 5llbs heavier & c) yes, you will be finding sand EVERYWHERE for the next 9 weeks. 

Oh and don’t forget the smell of damp towels that have been zipped into travel bags for approximately 24 hours…….enough said!

We usually sail to France for our holliers. And I love it. The space you have to bring ‘essentials’ is really great but I must admit that it has been the cause of many’s a row between hubster & I over the years.

To put it in context, I basically see the situation as an exercise in compacting your whole house, life & kitchen sink into the boot & roof box whereas Hubster takes a more practical approach & would gladly settle for a sandwich bags worth of stuff each! However we are both working on such issues with him resolving to allow 1 sports bag full each & with me nodding, smiling & planning a covert operation in smuggling….the likes not seen down these parts for years.

However for the purpose of trying I’ve decided to make a whole hearted attempt to implement a ‘Less is More’ approach with regards to outfits. So here goes…..

 The Outfits

A few pieces all re worn together – essential. Shoes normally take up half my bag so think I’ve got it down this year. In addition I’ll bring my Asics for exercising!



My expression – seriously…..lighten up gurrrrrl! I’m just not hugely selfie comfy yet. Pictured above us my whittled down shoe collection – animal print Havianas (TK Maxx last week!), gold detail sandals (Zara this season – click Here), White a Leather Birkenstock Arizona Sandals ( – click here for link)

I ADORE backless dresses. I got this striker one from Rue Stiic which I found on Instagram here.  I love finding brands/boutiques on Instagram and they are usually Australian ones I fall in love with.

Top – Zara sale. So I bought it in both colours. As you desperation when you find something you love.

Denim shorts are pretty much a staple in my summer wardrobe. The pair pictured above are maternity and from Topshop (find similar here). Below is a pair from The Gap which isn’t maternity but are boyfriend style… hopefully my childbearing hips will allow them to still go on for our entire holiday! You know how it is….things fit one afternoon & by the next morning…boom! Game over with that piece!


It’s like I dress by numbers though – shorts,white top and throw on something over it ……. And repeat. Kimono’s are so handy and the ones above are Pull & Bear (dressing gown according to Hubster) & Rue Stiic.

Below is a tshirt from Hush, which is my new favourite find. I have a stripe problem. But lots of women do so we can’t all be wrong, eh?


Jacket is Zara sale. Shorts Topshop Maternity

I just mix & match the lot up then. I think the rules are out the window these with regards to clashing stripes and prints.


Comfy joggers from Hush Clothing again. 


The obligatory dress from Zara Sale  allows for bump room and whilst I’m sure it will have ketchup or the like smeared all over it in less than 60 seconds it’s a risk I am willing to take.

So this is as dressy as it gets for me for the whole holiday and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yours, addled from playing dress up,

Cli xx

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