The one about the dreaded lurgee & my fave granola.

You know the feeling…….. You return from your holidays feeling like the king of the world ……. Throw anything at me …. I can handle it. What stepped off that plane in Cork was a reinvigorated, rejuvenated version of myself. Ah yes, lulled into a false sense of security ……. It was all very “Paradise Lost” indeed. (Leaving Cert 1995 – yes I paid attention that day!)

Last week started out with so much promise & potential. I was revived & feeling refreshed from a week spent in Lanzarote. I had a fabulous & rare evening out planned for mid-week (“What?!!!” I hear all of you Mums like me, with small kids cry!) & I was ready to attack the long long list of things I had avoided doing or simply ignored since Christmas. This was going to be a week of doing!

And then the dreaded lurgee arrived.

Thankfully prior to that I did manage dinner with some lovely ladies on Tuesday night. What was funny about this dinner was that of the four girls I met, I only knew 1 in “real life” and the rest I kinda felt I knew from our virtual lives blogging, on Instagram & from knowing of various projects they have undertaken around our city! 


So we decided to meet & it was great! Kinda like internet dating really, I guess……only for great giggles & chat. As you get older it can be hard to get out & meet new people so social media can really be a fantastic outlet, not just as a creative outlet but also as a practical way to giggle over coffee……and progress to vino. 

By Wednesday night I felt like I had been hit by a bus which then subsequently reversed back over me.

Picture this:

1st born:

“I feel sick……I’m going to be sick!” *Cue sickness everywhere. Note also the lack of lead in time served here.

So I feebly hand her a box/basin – there is nothing quite like the feeling of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted really, is there? And I proceed to clean & disinfect the sofa, floors, ottoman & (horror of horrors) my iPad!

2nd born:

“What’s that smell? The smell! I don’t like the smell”  *Cue sickness everywhere. Note also the lack of lead in time served here.

3rd born:

*Silently pukes in his cot. Rolls over in it. Happy enough to settle town into it……if he was left…..which obviously he wasn’t!!

Now this isn’t written in real time. But you get the idea, right? Oh and did I mention hubster was away? *Cue grown woman regressing to her 7 year old self & wailing for her parents.

It was such an inopportune time for 2nd born to decide she had nightmares & sleep with me also. At this stage I had been infected by whatever they had incubated & cultivated into some monster, energy sapping, muscle infiltrating, bone rattling, stomach churning DISEASE. We had quite the few hours dashing in and out to the bathroom in unison, her simply to accompany me as she was scared! 


Thursday morning was bleak. But I began to resemble human life again by Thursday evening. And so I am still catching up on that big long list of things not done since Christmas.

But on the top of it was to get prepped for summer & cut out some of that refined sugar that has been creeping slowly back into my diet during & post holliers. And do to my favourite Granola recipe. I, am a self-proclaimed, granola expert…..simply because I love it and have made a gazillion different ones.


Here is my favourite recipes- a hybrid of several that I amalgamated into one!

Great Goodness Granola

60g dried dates

100g jumbo oats

2 tbsp maple syrup

150g cashews, pecans, almonds

40g pumpkin & sunflower seeds

3 tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 tsp maldon sea salt

50g raisins 

30g cacao nibs (optional)


Preheat oven to 160C.

Simmer dates in 2cm water for 8 mins & blitz until smooth.

Stir in remaining ingredients apart from raisins & nibs.

Spread on cookie sheet in baking tray & bake for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 110C & bake for further 30 minutes. 

Leave to cool completely & add raisins & nibs.

Store in airtight container.


I just adore this and eat it dry as a snack or with yoghurt & fruit for breakfast. It has no refined sugar in it. You could leave out the raisins if you want less unrefined sugar in your creation. 

Try some! It’s very easy to make & last for ages…….unless you are me and have my kids…..2nd & 3rd born are savage for it!

Yours, in recovery & still washing clothes & admiring her new shoes that arrived today (via 2001),


Cli xx


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