The Tired Mums Top Tips for Getting On Top of Life

Hands up who is tired? I’m so exhausted that I forgot to post this last week. Just a foreword for those of you about to become 1st time parents…… LOOK AWAY NOW!

Over the past few years I have discovered that parenting seems to be like a secret club. Not exclusive or anything but there are things that we just don’t tell expectant mothers and fathers. Instead those in it give knowing smiles to others when we recognise a certain situation or scenario unfolding.

It’s not out of selfishness that this is done, but rather the exact opposite – it is a natural  act of selflessness and kindness towards those about to travel the same path. An act of preservation to those who are enjoying their last few months of pre baby/kiddie bliss. We are not going to be the ones to shatter those rose-tinted glasses!

But for those of us some way down that parenthood path there are more pressing matters than upsetting those about to follow in our foot steps….we are really concerned with getting through each day unscathed and alive. Any thoughts of your old self and her life have evaporated into the atmosphere alongside that last puff of the nitrous oxide/oxygen combo’ exhaled before that final push into impending chaos and unwavering, uncompromising love. Feeling good about yourself would really be an added bonus! Sound familiar?

Tired Mom Top Tips

top tips for tired moms

But does it have to be like that? Somedays it will be for sure!! There’s no amount of green smoothies and exercise that can replace a good nights sleep or cure colic. But let’s give ourselves the best chance possible. You’ll find energy where you never thought you had it. Those small things that trip you up may cause you to momentarily stumble rather than fall flat on your noggin. 


Here are my Top Tips for Tired Mums:

Control what you can – let the rest go. This is the biggest lesson of them all. No one can do it all – so let’s not beat ourselves up over it or even try! Be realistic about what you hope to achieve each day. Bub’s may wake up 10 times, it’s pretty much out of your hands. You can’t change that immediately so focus on what you can do to make your self feel better. What time do you go to bed? Can you go earlier? What are you eating? Can you bulk cook a massive stew so you can freeze it? That equals a night off cooking and ensuring you are eating well.

Don’t let a bad week turn into a bad month. So you suddenly found yourself at the bottom of a giant sharing bag of Rolo’s last night but you are the only person in the room. Yikes…how did that happen? And you have the birthday party later so a slice of cake won’t hurt….but you’d better not stay too long as you are going out tonight for dinner. Ohhhh that chocolate board is sooo good. Can’t wait to get at it. Hey, it happens. It’s called Life. But just don’t let Life kick you when you are down. Moderate (if you can!) and then dust yourself off and start over. DO NOT use it as an excuse to keep chowing down on anything you can get your mitts on……start today rather than next Monday or the 1st of next month.

top tips for tired moms

Water is on your side. This here is a note to self also. I hold my hands up and say I need to work on this!! But the benefits to glugging a few glasses back daily are endless. Hydration has a major effect on energy levels and brain function. So you know that time you put the Sky Remote in the fridge…..yea….nearly missed your favourite re-run of Mrs Brown’s Boys? Yea, shouldn’t happen again if you weren’t deliriously tired with a sleeping brain. Drinking more water can also help with weight loss by increasing you metabolic rate. And who doesn’t want a better complexion?!

Snack Sensibly – we all know this one well. You are tired, exhausted….on auto-pilot you reach for something that makes you feel better. Generally it’s some sugar laden, empty calorie sweet treat. You feel great for 5 minute and then you feel worse. Repeat as necessary. No No No!! Have a supply of healthy snacks close to hand – you will be amazed at the difference on your energy levels as a result. Examples of such snacks are my Easy Peasy Bliss Balls or my Tropical Bliss Balls. Get munching on something that is nutritious and feeds you body as well as satisfying the craving. Oh and step away from the kids dinner plates!

Give yourself top billing. Take time for yourself and get active. Going to the gym, for a walk, a cycle ….whatever takes your fancy can boost your energy levels and decrease fatigue! Don’t believe me? Have a quick look at this article from The New York Times. It is important to invest in yourself – how can you look after the troops if you are not in top form??!

Congratulate yourself & be thankful. Let’s face it, if we don’t give ourselves a clap on the back there will most likely be no clap on the back at all. In this busy world we often spend out time assessing and focusing on what we have yet to achieve or didn’t manage to get done that day. Take stock and reflect on what you have managed to do. Kids are fed, watered and in bed. Nobody got lost. The washing machine is doing what it does best and you can see the rug on the toy-room floor (well part of it anyway). Well done me – that’s a win.

Now pop on the kettle, sit down on the sofa and exhale. Tomorrow is another day. You won’t be sorry if you take my advice this time.

Your’s, considering a 2nd and 3rd bliss ball,

Cli xx






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  1. Liz russell
    October 3, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    Cliona I loved this post. Ha ha if only I could listen to it.

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