Storing the toy mountain.

Last night I woke up with my tongue practically stitched to the roof of my mouth. You know that feeling? Almost as if a cat has crawled into your wide open, can’t breath through my nose, mouth and set up camp just in front of your tonsils. Urg!

And then to make matters worse, ‘someone ‘ had blatantly leaned across me & drank all the water from my water bottle thus leaving me in danger of severe dehydration & delirium.

So of course, I rolled back over & tried to ignore the problem. This, as you probably guessed, was an unsuccessful & rather foolish waste of time. Experience has taught me over the years that it’s best to just bite the bullet & sort these types of problems out at the get go. But I listen to no one when I’m in that type of mood……not even my wise old self.

30 agonising minutes later, with visions of pints of ice cold water now stampeding through my head, I gave in & began the long walk down the stairs & into the kitchen. In the dark. Because turning on a light would allow a safe passage but with that comes the risk of some imaginary person being able to peep in the window at me ….. At 3.45am……yes indeed and I have the cheek to wonder how come 1st born is so dramatic!

And all went according to plan until I had to negotiate the toy room on my return. Talk about risking life & limb! Creating hurdles so high I felt like I was a participant in the Aga Khan ….. the four legged participant!


(3rd borns bedroom complete with climbing frame…..woops sorry…no….that’s actually an Ikea daybed for guests! But love the drawers underneath for stuffing everything into)

As I limped back up the stairs to bed I swore that tomorrow would be the day that I cleared out the toyroom. However, this task, as any parent will tell you requires precision timing & roughly the same amount of planning it would take to mobilise a small army in the Deepest Darkest Peru (yes, I have been to see Paddington – excellent!! Bring the kids – simply because you will love it!! Incidentally I cannot keep marmalade in stock since. Sandwiches coming out their eyeballs. Sorry, I digress!!!)

What am I talking about? Its simple. Just get caught eyeing up an unloved, unplayed with, broken toy followed by a sideways glance at the bin and suddenly it becomes more precious than dear life itself!!


Before the last 5 Christmas’s I have successfully consigned at least one bin liner of toys from our toy room & into the bin/charity shop/friends houses before Santa’s arrival. It is a necessary evil and a joy all in one!!!

I’ve had a few requests since Christmas with regards to toy storage & while I am certainly no expert (far from it!!!!!) I can show you what we have in our toy-room. And believe me, its not perfect by any means but it may give someone an idea or two. 


(3rd born with the obligatory chord around his neck – I am literally losing hair over this awful, new OBSESSION he has. He wraps EVERYTHING around his neck & I am a wreck)

Aside from that – the kitchen above is Ikea and I’ve seen some AMAZING versions of it on Pinterest. I intend to do something with ours but when??? Who knows. Here are some ideas though:



Aren’t they really cool?

The picture below is all from Ikea also and I LOVE this unit. It’s 2 pieces and you can fill the square boxes with a multitude of drawers, boxes & cabinet doors. It’s from the KALLAX range which can be seen here


(Our light is from made and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this furniture site. The rest here is from Ikea)

The drawer units are probably the least useful but I’ve thrown DVDs into ours. The cabinet doors pieces are good – they look great but some are getting lose already. I love the pull out boxes simply because they hide everything inside them and are the best use of that space. And they were the cheapest option too!

IMG_2731-0.JPGbr />

The unit pictured above is great too. The plastic drawers do tend to come off their rails a bit…..probably because I stuff them too full with toys in an effort to hide the mess! And you can imagine the fun 3rd born has climbing it! Who needs Funderland when you have Ikea storage units?!

As you can probably tell, I LOVE Ikea. Almost as much as I hate tidying!! A necessary evil. But what can you do, eh?
If you have any storage tips, please do share as we all need inspiration sometimes!

Yours in eternal chaos,

Cli xx

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