Walking away from Autumn with Marks & Spencer


Just like that it’s time to stow away the ghosts & ghouls for another year. If you are quick there may be a small window of opportunity left to make a pumpkin pie or soup…..if you can find one! But I wouldn’t count on it.

Autumn was all about crunching of leaves beneath our feet, spiced latte’s & scaring the living daylights out of anyone under the age of 6 (because as parents with young children, we really need a festival each year to undo all the work we put into the 1st 4 years of our child’s existence with regards to getting them to sleep. A good months worth of nightmares about demons, skulls, witches and worst of all…. the darn BOOGIE man is something we relish!),. Do I sound bitter? I can’t think why? Must be the lack of sleep. Or the 3 year old foot up my nose from 1am last night.

You can find the cable knit sleeve v-neck jumper here.

The faux leather cross body bag in Grey mix can be found here.

The black textured leggings can be found here.

Winter brings a whole new set of parental challenges (I want that, I want that, I want that, I’m getting that, I’m getting that, I’m getting that, NON STOP throughout every ad break for the whole of November & December. It’ll break you. You’ll end up so confused with regards to what will land into your front room off a sleigh on Dec 24th that you will reach the point of no return and allow them to ask for anything at all for a moments peace). And that is why at 6am on Dec 25th you really only have yourself to blame when you realise the absolute consequences of having a 10ft by 6ft Barbie palace in your playroom and a batman car doing 5km/h around the island in your kitchen.

But I do just love the winter.

The spotted drop waist mini dress can be found here.

Chunky knits, warms scarves, wooly hats, wine by the fire, stew in the slow cooker, furry slippers & cosy Pj’s bundled together with nights out in the company of friends. The hustle & bustle of this busy, but cherished time in the lead up to silly season means there really is no stopping.

I’ve picked some of my favourite pieces from Marks & Spencer to see me through this time of year in style and comfort. From the textured leggings that work just as well with a hoody as they do the  chunky cable knit, to the drop waist yellow mini dress that will bring me from dinner with friends, to family panto night and back again.


Whilst the current trend of draping ourselves in anything that resembles an exotic animal from far flung warm places may be too much for some, I found that a little touch can work just as well. Less is more as they say. The cross body faux leather bag is the perfect size too for your phones, make up, keys and wallet so you can head out happily on trend and not feeling like you should be serving pints of bitter in The Rovers Return.

Your’s embracing it all…..and getting ready to decorate!!

Cli xx 

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