Wedding Cheer, detox & party season prep’

This weekend brought a close to my 1st week back at work. Which incidentally went fine. But that’s easy for me to say as I was in Dublin for most of the week. Thank goodness for grandparents! My parents quite literally moved into our house for the week in order to help with the big return to work (as hubby was Dublin bound also). They kindly (madly?) stayed on for the weekend so we could go party in Killarney for hubby’s youngest sister’s wedding.


Now those of you with children will appreciate the fact that the prospect of a child free weekend affords much the same euphoria as winning the euro millions ….. Well I imagine it would…..I obviously have never experienced that…..but I do have a wild imagination and that or appearing on the Late Late Show are 2 of my top 3 winningest scenarios. The grammar police are beside themselves with what I have just written I’d say.

The wedding was amazingly beautiful. There is something very special about a Christmas wedding. The Malton in Killarney was buzzing with tourists, wedding guests & locals. The open fire in the bar, the Christmas lights twinkling in the early winter dusk, the afternoon tea being enjoyed in the foyer all washed down with a glass of prosecco made the day more magical.


(Top right – blueberry/custardy thing…..UNREAL)

I wore black (as they say….I will wear black until they invent a darker colour!). I got my dress in Sandro on discount last summer. It is an unusual length but it was very comfortable & felt right. I love when you buy something & feel a little outside your comfort zone in it. Then you find you love wearing it & cannot wait to wear it again… 2021 when I have eventually recovered from this weekend!


(Well done sis-in-law Elaine with her Nutri-bullet purchase in the background! #impressed. Dress-Sandro, Jacket – Maje, Shoes – Zara, Bag – FCUK)

Even Sam took some time out to visit the church! Best offertory procession surprise ever! You know what they say in Kerry… better always check your change coming out of the shop…..for fear you’d find an All-Ireland medal in it!

It was a sight to behold. A wedding where there were a que of guests at the altar taking photographs………. of Sam! The beautiful bride was left to her own devices at the church door, much to her brothers amusement. I have no doubt the gorgeous Rosie wasn’t too bothered with the breathing space though. In fact it was the wedding with something for everyone – the men stereotypically gathered around the cup & us girls fawning over her dress. Perfect.



(The paparazzi were becoming a problem here ….. As you can see to the left of the photo. They sent their best)


(A rather disheveled looking me on Saturday morning…..but the tree looks great, don’t you think?)

Saturday brought a rare 2nd night out in a row. Scott’s in Killarney hosted us. And of course the night ended in traditional Irish style. A sing song back in the residents bar. I woke up the next morning still humming The Green Fields Of France.


 (H&M all the way here – freshly bought last week – apart from my Zara Belt)

And so let the detox begin. I am really going to try to be good mid week for the next few weeks as, lets face it, the weekends are going to be hectic & it is Christmas afterall!

At times like this I start each day with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into a big glass of warm water (boil the kettle and throw some in on top of you prepped juice/water combo). A great tip I got was to use a straw as the acid in the lemon juice can reek havoc with your teeth enamel if you drink it regularly. Or alternatively rinse your mouth with normal water after.

Benefits of this lemon water are simple & I’ve listed some below:

1. an excellent source of vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus & Magnesium;
 2. benefits for colon health & serves as a powerful antibacterial agent
 3. maintains body pH levels;
 4. flushes out toxins;
 5. aids digestion;
 6. reduces pain & inflammation in joints & knees;
 7. strengthens the liver;
8.  prevents formation of wrinkles & acne;
 9. Can replenish body salts post workout.

I also love this detox tea. It tastes great so hopefully it’s doing the trick.


Apart from this it’s going to be smoothies for breakfast. I firmly believe that even if you are going out on the town to party & then having to get up early for work, kids or life in general, your body does recover much quicker if it’s in a good state to begin with. Give yourself every chance you can. Antioxidants from Fruit, veg, & whichever super foods you chose to use will certainly help.

A glass of water, berocca or dioralyte (my absolute necessity) before you go out and when you come in will also work wonders. Honestly the discomfort from the taste of the dioralyte passes much quicker than the hangover! I also am notorious for sneaking one into my clutch when I go out and drinking one later in the evening. It works better than anything else – apart from abstinence!

If you have any detox or “party ready” tips feel free to pass them on please.

‘Til next time……

Cli xx

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