Win some gym Leggings & Learn how to love the gym again

Sunday night & you’ve eaten your body weight in everything bad for you ALL WEEKEND LONG. And you go to bed with your gym bag packed, full of resolve that tomorrow you are going to make the change and start (again) on your path to feeling and looking better.


My gym essentials currently. Win these leggings below…….well not quite these ones but a fresh, spanking new pair of the same!!!! Not sure anyone wants my sweaty leggings!!!

Then the alarm goes off and you can’t quite force yourself to make that pre-work gym session or (and a much more likely scenario for those of us with kids) 5:30pm comes and you start the hardest part of the day (tea-time, bath time, washing in machine time and bedtime) & all thoughts of leaving the house again evaporate with the steam coming off your hot milky tea. Someone pass me the digestives please. It’s another week so no choc chip today – that’s a good compromise….right?


Much as it is the LAST thing you want to do, I urge you ladies (and men!!) to step away from the tea, bin the digestives (have your seen how much sugar is in each one???!) and do a workout. I promise you, you will not regret it. You’ll sleep better, have so much more energy & it’s mental space from your busy life.


Top / H&M. Leggings / Amity Boutique.

Here are top tips for keeping the gym exciting and warding off boredom:

  • Try something new – doing the same aul’, same aul’ can be demoralising and demotivating. For years I just ran. That was it. I was scared of weights for fear of turning into a female Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. But then I learned that weights do not do that to you. They can basically have the same effect as putting spanx….well….all over your body. They just kinda’ suck you in all over and spit you our a little more defined. So I stared to lift a little & I love the challenge. Then I chanced a HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training). Think calorie burning for hours after you leave the gym – sound good? And these workouts tend to be short – after all who has hours to spend in the gym?
  • Change it up – we are all creatures of habit & sometimes we find a routine that we like doing. And we do it again, & again, & again, over and over. It becomes comfortable and easy. And you kinda like that. But, newsflash!! It doesn’t matter how long that routine takes you, it will not have the same benefits as it had when you began to do it.  Your body gets used to the pattern or routine of doing the same aul’ thing and it adapts to this.
    • If you are doing cardio on the treadmill, then instead of running at same speed or gradually getting faster for 5Km, why not try 2 minutes fast and 1 minute moderate for the mid-section of your run and change the inclines also.
  • Get gear you love – there was a time where gym gear was mega expensive. But those days are gone. With H&M and Primark stocking gorgeous kit in amazing colours it’s easy to pick something up. The gym can be intimidating so if you are comfortable and feel good in your kit then your confidence will be so much higher. Set up a little programme for yourself – for example if you are clocking up miles on the treadmill/bike allow yourself something new every 50km or for every 10 hours running you do.




Everything above is Primark current stock. They wear & wash really well & don’t hurt your pocket.

  • Bring a friend – us girls love to hunt in packs, so it’s only natural you may want company in the gym. This can have lots of benefits (unless ye just decide to chat for the hour instead!!) You are turning up to meet someone so less likely to cancel. You are both in it together and we all know misery loves company (joking but some of those squats can be a killer whilst doing them!) And you can help each other set up different pieces of equipment as you go. Plus I’m always a little braver with a partner in crime and more likely to try something new. Hey, if you  fall over at least you have a buddy to laugh with you. Nothing worse than being morta’ on your own!


  • If all else fails have a home workout at the ready – if you are on a roll it’s so much easier to keep going. When you start to see results (be it physical or mental) your get in the zone & can keep climbing. But if you stop, even for a short while, it can be so hard to get going again. With kids anything can happen or you may find yourself home alone and unable to go out so it’s great to have a little space and youtube to hand and do a quick 30 minute blast. To just keep you on track. Fitness Blender does some great video’s on YouTube that need little or no equipment – perfect for home.



Pleasure and pain in one – the foam roller!!

I ADORE these leggings! Amity boutique have given me a pair to giveaway. You can check out their website here. Amity is a ladies boutique that sells affordable independent designer women’s fashion. Amity is located on French Church Street in Cork’s fashionable and quirky Huguenot district.

You can buy the leggings here.

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Your’s, looking forward to my headspace later today,

Cli xx


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