Women in the Spotlight with Zenflore & Alflorex

I’m a breakfast kinda gal. Not that I like to single out any meal as inferior than others – all meals in my life make me happy – I must admit to having a soft spot for a bit of brekkie. If you couple this breakfast with some great company in a very cosy but trendy setting and partner with Alflorex and Zenflore you will find me more content than any Mum who manages 5 minutes to have a warm shower solo without being accompanied by a small spectator who is intent on taking the cap of every bottle in there as she wrestles with the shower head.
When I was invited by Emer & Viv in Lockown PR to speak at their 2nd Women in the Spotlight Breakfast I didn’t hesitate to accept. The meeting was organised with the purpose of getting women online together in person, sharing goals, supporting each others businesses & causes & building a network of women in real life that can connect with online during the year.
Alflorex and Zenflore partnered with Lockdown PR for the event and as an IBS sufferer I could immediately relate to partnership. Next is the science bit – but hang in there as it is actually very interesting and if you hang around long enough to read it I think you’ll be convinced.
Alflorex is for IBS – it’s a unique probiotic culture targeted at one condition. I, as an IBS sufferer since my teens, was willing to try anything to keep things under control. Anyone who suffers from IBS will know how frustrating and painful it can be……and let me add anyone who has to follow the FODMAP diet may actually pass out with boredom prior to finishing a days eating. Alflorex in my smoothie’s daily has been a resounding success. 
Alflorex was discovered at the APC microbiome Institute at UCC alongside PrecisionBiotics Ltd.
Cork Scientists also identified a bacteria in the gut that can reduce stress and can be taken in the form of a probiotic. This is Zenflore – a food supplement developed to help tackle Irelands stress epidemic. The new treatment was developed after scientists identified a key component in the gut-brain axis, showing that what happens in the stomach can have a direct effect on the human brain.
Who does’t want to feel less stressed? There was nothing stressful about The Met last Thursday morning – that is for sure. The Women in Spotlight Breakfast was honestly a pleasure. I got to meet some of the women I talk to online in real life for the first time and it was so lovely. My only problem was I didn’t get to chat to them for long enough – but that’s the beauty of it. Now it seems so much easier to suggest coffee with them having actually met them in the flesh. 
Next time you get an invite into your inbox or phone to a networking event and you think should I? The answer is YES. You certainly should. Nothing can replace actual conversation, face to face. Agreements are reached, plans are made, numbers are swapped, friendships blossom, business partnerships are born from events such as the Women in Spotlight Event with Alflorex and Zenflore.
Your’s, feeling very Zen lately I must add – it’s surely the Zenflore and yoga,
Cli xx

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