Working it out….

There was a time……many moons ago I should mention…..that I actually dressed up at the weekends! At that same time I quite literally spent ALL my money on clothes – but not just any type of clothing – no! Most specifically going out clothes and the mere mention of spending actual real hard-earned money on work out gear or leisure wear was laughable to say the least!

But my oh my, how things have changed! I am now the girl who spends hours trawling through Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook admiring and wanting any brightly coloured, sweat resistant, piece of micro-fibre out there.


When I click on asos I actually go to the sports gear first now to coo over the trainers! Save me someone please! But hey! If I’m going to buy something….well cost per wear and all that…..the sportswear wins hands down.

Here are some of my favourite pieces I have spied most recently!


The Stella sport gear is less expensive and more readily available than the Stella McCartney for Adidas range……so don’t be scared price-wise by seeing her name! You can get it in Lifestyle sports to name one store.




Saturday mornings gym gear……thanks goodness for large face hiding iPhones!

H&M (top), TK Maxx (leggings & crop top).

And with that I am off to make lunch boxes for school tomorrow – Life of a rock star and all that!

Let me know if you have spotted any fab bargains lately,





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